What is Animation? Why should you Learn Animation?

One of the best ways to get into animation is to learn how to animate on your own, and there are plenty of free tools online to help you do so. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or want to brush up on some basics before entering the animation industry, this list will guide you through the best websites to learn animation online in 2022. Be sure to check back in two years—I’ll be updating this list with new recommendations then!

What is animation?

Animation can be defined as a visual art and entertainment form where animated things are manipulated to make it appear that they’re moving. What makes animation different from ordinary film making is how all elements of animation (people, clothing, objects, etc.) are drawn or modeled to give them greater freedom of movement. With so many online animation courses, learning how to animate has never been easier! We have complied a list of 10 websites that will teach you everything you need to know about animation; if you want to learn more about their curriculum’s then check out our individual reviews for each one.

How does learning animation benefit you?

Learning animation can benefit you in a variety of ways. For example, if you’re interested in pursuing a career as an animator, there are still plenty of jobs available—especially if you possess skills that other animators don’t, such as motion-capture animation or CGI. If you aren’t interested in being an animator but still want to learn how to animate, then it doesn’t matter what career field you apply your new skills to—but what matters is that animation and creative writing form a symbiotic relationship. The creativity that we see from professional animators also produces some of today’s best writers, since most good writers are also imaginative storytellers who use words to paint pictures for their readers.

Why should you learn animation?

Learning animation is a brilliant idea if you’re interested in doing digital art, graphic design, or computer graphics. In fact, with animation experience on your resume, you’ll have no trouble getting a job working at most creative agencies. If that’s not an option for you (or even if it is) but you still want to pursue an animation career, there are plenty of other reasons why animation can benefit you. Here are five of them

What are the challenges of learning animation?

There are many aspects of animation that go beyond drawing and painting. Characters must have personalities, actions must be fluid and believable, and backgrounds need rich detail. It’s a lot to master, but learning animation online can help take you from amateur animator to professional animator. Here are a few sites that provide unique resources for learning animation online.

How do I start learning animation?

To start learning animation, you should first familiarize yourself with your tools. While animation can be created on a computer, it’s more common to use programs like Flash and Adobe After Effects. However, if you aren’t ready for a digital program, there are other options. For instance, you can use traditional animation methods using paper and pencils or go retro by using flip books. You may not see anyone creating entirely traditionally anymore—digital animation is faster and more cost-effective—but it doesn’t hurt to know how everything works together.

Who are animators?

Whether it’s on television, film, video games or any other medium that you can think of, a professional animator is someone who takes hand-drawn images and turns them into living, breathing characters. In short, an animator brings characters from a series of sketches and drawings onto an animated stage. Sometimes they’re working from scratch and other times they’re adapting a character from one medium (for example, writing) for another (animation). Whatever their job description may be, most animators agree that getting started requires more than just drawing skills. If you’d like to learn animation online in 2022 here are some great resources for you.

Where can I get help with my animation project?

Because animation is such a visual art, many people (including people who dream of becoming animators) believe that they need an eye for it or natural talent. But while being good at drawing and painting can help you become an animator, almost anyone can learn how to animate with some hard work and persistence. A lot of what goes into making animation is about learning technical skills. While there are always exceptions, if you aren’t artistically inclined it doesn’t mean you won’t be a good animator; a great animator is usually someone who has learned how to control software like Photoshop or Flash better than anyone else—not necessarily someone who knows how to draw by hand well. The most important skill that matters when it comes to learning animation?

Can I be an animator without being artistic?

The short answer is no. Some of today’s top artists are self-taught, and many of them may have learned animation principles and techniques on their own, but being able to draw has never been a prerequisite for working as an animator. There’s no way around it; your artistic skills will improve with time and practice, but if you want to become a working animator now, you must learn how to animate with workarounds instead of relying on your natural talent or innate abilities.

Myths about becoming an animator.

There are many myths and false beliefs about what it takes to become an animator. Unfortunately, these myths can scare people away from making a career of animation. The good news is that most of these myths are simply not true! If you have dreams of becoming an animator, then now is your chance; look at some of these misconceptions and find out if you need to adjust your thinking before pursuing a career in animation.

How to earn money from Animation in 2022

The best way to earn money from animation is through freelance work. Many animation studios are looking for freelancers who can provide their own equipment, software, and time. In return, you’ll be paid per job. Freelance jobs can be hard to come by, especially since there’s a lot of competition—but if you’re an expert animator with lots of skills and experience under your belt, it shouldn’t be too difficult. One other great option for those interested in pursuing freelance work is personal branding: developing an online presence as a resourceful expert on all things related to animation.

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