Top Tips to Create an Extraordinary Logo For Your Brand

A brand’s logo is what you can identify. An apple with a small bite, a mermaid with two tails, or the Golden Arches will instantly identify which brand it is.

A logo is essentially a symbol or design, or combination of several alphabets, that identifies a company, its products and services, and employees. A logo is what people associate with a company. It is the face and identity of the business.

A company’s logo can be a powerful marketing tool. Take Amazon, for example. Its logo is a smiley arrow. This symbol signifies that Amazon sells nearly everything and has happy customers.

Make a logo that says:

  • Eye-catching
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • It works well in both large and small cases.
  • Your brand’s vibe should be celebrated

Here are some top tips for creating a memorable logo for your company.

Design is strategic.

Strategically think, research and plan. The company’s message must be conveyed visually.

Logo doesn’t mean an image. It is a collection of elements that all work together. There are five phases to logo making.

  • Explore
  • Explore
  • Design
  • Refining
  • Definition

Three crucial elements are required for each phase:

  • Goal
  • Process
  • Deliverable

Before you create a logo, ask questions:

  • Why do you need a new logo?
  • What is the catalyst for a specific design?
  • Who are your target audience?
  • What’s the story behind your firm’s name?
  • Which are your competitors?
  • How do you measure success?
  • What do you want your audience think about your logo?
  • What are the character traits of your brand’s personality?
  • What brand logo do your favorite?
  • Which values would you like to communicate through your brand?
  • Are you interested in including a special design into your logo?

Determining audience:

The first step to creating a functional logo is knowing your target audience. This is where you will be able to attract your target audience. If your brand is for women then the logo should be feminine. The logo for a ladies’ cosmetics/lingerie brand should reflect the feminine aspects.

Brand definition:

Your logo should communicate your brand’s message. It should also reflect the brand’s identity and values. Before you begin to draft the logo, identify the complexity of your brand. It is important to understand what makes your brand unique from others, and the values and beliefs. Define your brand is a way to show your personality.

Brainstorming for the logo

Brainstorming is essential in any creative process. It is about generating ideas. Write down your thoughts. Ask your team members to share their ideas. Enjoy a long conversation. Next, take a close look at the explanations and ideas.

Pay attention to the activities of your competitors:

Keep an eye out for your competition. You might find inspiration from their activities. You can also learn what works best for your target audience. You can also learn from the mistakes of your competitors what you should avoid. It can also help you to see how your brand is different from other brands and how you can best represent it.

Don’t make it difficult:

While a bold, flashy logo might work for some, it may not work for others. A simple, iconic, and clean logo is the best. A typeface that is easy to read is a must. It is not a good idea to use too many colors and shades.

Coco Chanel once said, “Before leaving the house, take one thing off your face.” Let people see your logo from afar. Leave enough space. Simple logos that convey a meaning are more easily remembered by audiences. For instance, Apple, Starbucks, Nike, Pepsi’s, etc.


Your logo can stand out with shapes. Many successful companies have their logos in boxes to give them a professional look. Cross-platform branding is also possible with shapes.

Take care of the typography

Your logo’s typography is crucial. There are four basic fonts that can be used to create a logo. These fonts are Scripts (Sans serifs), Displays (Serifs), and Serifs.

Your logo’s X-factor can be color:

Logo design is a process that involves the use of colors. Choose colors that are easy to remember. Your logo’s design will be more vibrant and alive if it has shades. The image of your brand is the basis for choosing the colors. Red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple and green are the most commonly used colors.


The image or picture of your logo is the most important thing. It can be worth a thousand words. Your logo should be legible and clean. Be authoritative. Be careful when choosing colors and shapes. Defining your brand is important.

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