8 Great Sites to Learn Coding for Free

If you want to learn coding, but don’t have the time or money to enroll in a class or learn using traditional methods, you don’t have to stop learning. Online coding courses are available for free, and they can help you learn the basics of programming. You can learn how to program in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Even if you already have some programming experience, online coding courses can help you improve your skills.

Coding is one of the most in-demand skills in the job market today. Programming languages such as Python and JavaScript have become the lingua Franca of data science, data analysis, and the internet of things. But learning to code is hard. It takes years of study, and the payoff is often only modest salary increases or job security.

Whether you want to become a software developer, engineer, or analyst, knowing how to code is an invaluable tool for improving your job prospects. But learning to code is hard. The best way to learn is through practice, but that requires time and money.

Coding has become an increasingly important skill to have in today’s digital world, whether you want to build and design your own website or simply automate certain aspects of your job. While there are plenty of paid resources out there that can help you learn coding, there are also many sites that offer free coding courses as well. This guide lists five great sites where you can learn coding for free, no matter what programming language you want to learn or how old you are!

1) Code Academy

Learn how to code from a variety of topics like front-end web development, back-end web development, data visualizations and more. Cod Academy is a user friendly site that teaches you through quick lessons where you’ll learn coding concepts and practice them by writing actual working code in their online programming editor. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up or access any content – it’s free!

2) Code School

Code School is one of many top-notch sites that exist solely to help you learn coding for free. There are classes available for web development, iOS development, and more. While each class comes with a price tag attached ($25 per month), it’s worth noting that Code School offers a $12/month subscription that allows you access to most courses at once (instead of paying separately for individual courses). And if you want code lessons but don’t want to pay anything, you can always visit Codecademy or Treehouse. All three offer free learning opportunities.

3) Khan Academy

If you want to start learning how to code but you aren’t sure where to begin, start at Khan Academy. This resource offers courses designed by MIT and Harvard PhDs, lessons and exercises taught by top computer science professors from around the world, and interactive animations that help you learn coding concepts such as algorithms. Khan Academy has a huge selection of resources and tutorials geared toward programming in more than one language; users can learn things like HTML and CSS (essential if you want to build websites) or more complex subjects like data structures, algorithms, machine learning and more. The best part? Khan Academy is 100% free.

4) Coursera

Founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, Coursera offers free courses on an impressive range of topics. From business to music theory, there’s a little something for everyone in Coursera’s catalog. If you’re just getting started with coding, check out their Data Analysis and Visualization course. It teaches basic database concepts with R and covers methods of applying data to real-world problems. This is a great place to learn how big companies like Google use data (and hopefully pick up some valuable skills along the way). Start your 14-day free trial today!

5) Udacity

Udacity offers courses on web development, software programming, and design. The site is run by Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford professor behind Google’s driverless car. Thrun’s commitment to high-quality content helps put Udacity above similar services like CodeAcademy and Treehouse. There are hundreds of courses available with video lectures, quizzes, coding exercises, and programming projects—all for free.

6) W3Schools

It may be hard to believe, but W3Schools is one of most comprehensive resources online for learning about web development and coding. As you’d imagine, W3Schools is a site that offers lots of information on HTML and CSS. It even has tutorials on JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, XML and more! All in all, it’s a very good resource if you want to start learning how to code (or just brush up on your skills).

7) EdX

Offers online courses from top universities around the world, including MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and others. What’s nice about edX is that you can audit a course or earn certificates of completion without paying anything upfront. Courses are taught using platforms like Canvas and other similar open-source materials. So if you’re ready to take a deep dive into something—and pay nothing while doing it—edX is an excellent option. (For more options, here are 20 sites where you can code for free.)

8) freeCodeCamp

Learning how to code is about more than just getting a high-paying job; it’s about becoming a great software engineer. Learning how to code gives you an opportunity to grow and connect with a community of people who will share your interests, values, and goals. It allows you to be creative while solving real-world problems. If you’re ready to take on that challenge, then welcome!

Learn to code for free online with our online course that teaches you the fundamentals of programming. The first step is to learn basic programming concepts such as variables, data types, and functions. This will help you understand the building blocks of programming and get started with your online course. Colorado State University offers a free online course to help you learn the programming language HTML which is used to build web pages and web apps.

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