Latest WordPress Importer Plugins in 2022

Your WordPress website contains a lot of data like user and customer information, sales, posts, products, images, media, reviews, comments, and so much more. 

Consider the following common situations you may have to deal with at some point:

    • migrating your WordPress website from one hosting platform to another
    • transfering customer information including sales, orders, billing and invoicing data into your CRM

There are a number of ways to go about this: either manually with phpMyAdmin, or using export and import plugins.

Here are some tutorials on Envato Tuts+ that will guide you through both manual migration and transfer using import plugins:

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In this post, we’ll look at WordPress export and import plugins.

WordPress importer plugins help you export or import all data or specific data sets on your WordPress. They hugely simplify the migration or transfer of data.

WP Import Export

WP Import Export allows you to import and export your WordPress website data in multiple file formats. You can add and manage multiple users based on their roles within the website.

Key features of this plugin include:

Choose Data to Import or Export, File Format, and Filter Data

Choose whatever data you want to export

In just one click you can export or import the following:

    • posts and page
    • custom post types and taxonomies
    • comments
    • users

You can also export or import the following WooCommerce items:

    • products, attributes, and taxonomies
    • coupons
    • orders
    • customers

Here are the multiple file formats you can import or export data using WP Import Export:

    • zip archives, GZ and TAR files
    • CSV, XLS, XLSX, JSON, plaintext, ODS and XML

You can automatically delete empty rows from CSV in order to speed up import and avoid empty data. The plugin also allows you to filter whatever data you export thanks to powerful filters.

Schedule Background Import and Export

With this feature you can manage data import and export, schedule data import and export, also import and export data automatically in the background.

Schedule import and export for WP Import Export

You can also pause, resume, and stop import or export of data.

Choose Export Fields

When exporting data you can choose, rearrange, and edit fields using a drag and drop interface.

choose, arrange, edit export f

Upload From Multiple Services

You can import files from your desktop, a URL, via FTP, or from cloud-based services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

You can upload from cloud services

Import Logs

In addition, the plugin creates a complete process log including step by step import record log for each upload.

import logs for WP Import Export

Support For Third Party Extensions

WP Import Export is compatible with third party extensions that you can activate in a simple click. They include:

    • WooCommerce—import or export products, orders, product categories and coupons from your WordPress website.
    • Advanced Custom Fields—import or export from your WordPress website.
    • User and user metadata.
    • WPML—import or export multilingual content from your WordPress website.
Export Extensions supported by WP Import Export

Try a Test Export With the Live Demo

You can try WP Import out with the live demo.

WP Import Demo

First after you have downloaded the WP Import Export into your WordPress, go to New Export and select from the drop down option what you want to export.

Export Demo

Let’s export a post. Select Post. You will see Total Records which is the total number of posts there are in your blog.

Apply filters

We can use filters to narrow down the list of posts to export. When applying filters you can select elements you want from a drop down with a long list of options including taxonomy, and author.

As you can see in the image below I selected posts with Best Plugins for 2022 in the title, with the category WordPress and tagged with sliders.

Selecting filters for export using WP Import Export

Next I chose the fields I want to export. Since I want to export the complete posts, I included the author username, title, content, excerpt, date, category, and the permalink.

I also selected they type of file in which I want the posts to be exported. In my case I chose XML.

choosing export fields and file types for export using WP Import Export

You can even schedule the export of content entries and updates. The export happens in the background. You can choose the interval at which data can be exported.

Using WP Import Export to schedule background export

As you can see WP Import Export is very easy to use.

And if you want the free version you can download the WP Import Lite.

WordPress Awesome Import & Export Plugin - Import & Export WordPress Data

WordPress Awesome is an alternative import export plugin.  The plugin includes a file manager to manage import and export files. It has the capacity to import large files of up to ten thousand rows. The code of this plugin is optimized for speedy uploading of data.

With WordPress Awesome Import and Export plugin you can import and export:

    • posts, pages, comments, categories, nested categories, tags
    • custom posts, post meta, custom tables, custom taxonomies

You can import or export in the following formats: CSV, Excel, or XML.

You can also export in PDF (for export only) or using SQL queries.

Customize The Records You Export or Import

This means you can select fields that you want to export. This includes exporting by ID, upload file using URL, and more.

When it comes to importing, you can arrange fields in the file in any order you want so that you don’t have to touch them once you import the data.

Export and Import of Images

With the plugin you can export and import images.

    • post content images
    • first images as featured images
    • featured images

When it comes to importing featured image, you need to provide the complete path of the image file and the plugin will download it.

Compatibility With WooCommerce

With this plugin you can import and export  both simple and variable in WooCommerce products. You can also export orders.


Moving your data using WordPress import export plugins is fast and secure. The plugins allow you to do migrations without coding knowledge and without needing to be proficient in phpMyAdmin. But before you start moving any larger amount of data, make sure you have a backup!

On Envato Tuts+ you will find tutorials that will guide you to the best plugins for your website:

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