15+ Best Shopify Themes for Selling Coffee and Tea

So Guys Here we are……In 2022 Shopify has a huge selection of themes to help you sell coffee and tea online. Check out these 15+ best Shopify themes for selling coffee and tea.

If you are Looking for the best Shopify themes for selling coffee and tea? Here are 15+ premium Shopify themes that will help you to sell your coffee and tea online.

The market for tea and coffee is on the rise. It is expected to reach US$135.9 billion in 2027 and increasing at 2.3% CAGR of 2.3 percent over the period the period of 2020-2027 It’s an excellent moment to invest in the sector. With Shopify templates the only thing you have to do is decide the template that is right for you modify it to create your own and watch the profits begin to roll into your account!

How to Set Up a Shopify Coffee and Tea Store


    • A lot of the top Shopify themes are easy to modify. Simply pick your favorite demo, then drag and drop the pre-built blocks to fit your needs.
    • Create your site and start selling your goods!

For more details on how to create your online shop, take a look at this simple guide.



Best Shopify Coffee and Tea Store Examples from Theme Forest

1. Kofi – Coffee Shop Shopify Theme

With 4 different templates to choose from, you’ll be able to pick the layout that is most suitable for your needs. Coffee Shop (Light) demo Coffee Shop (Light) demo illustrated lets you easily highlight the key elements of your product or business to draw attention to your clients.

A wide-width header that includes a call to action may also help to direct users into sales webpages. Coffee Shop (Dark) demo Coffee Shop (Dark) demo is also a striking alternative.

Kofi Live Demo

Kofi shopify theme

2. Kopiko – Coffee Shop Shopify Theme

With features like the ability to adjust sliders and sliders, a large menu with a pop-up email and a search bar that is intuitive and an e-sidebar that is sticky, this Shopify coffee theme includes everything you require to make your brand new website a hit! Additionally, it comes with an integrated currency switcher that will help increase the sales of your business globally, one cup at one time!

Kopiko Shopify Demo

Kopiko – Coffee Shop Shopify Theme

3. Ooty – Organic Tea Store Shopify Theme

The tea Shopify store was designed with organic beverages in mind, but it can be modified to suit different uses, including tea accessories, bakeries juice bars, and tea bars. It comes with Font-Awesome icons to aid in visualizing your content and social integration to help to spread the word about your store as well as a newsletter pop-up that encourages your followers to sign up for your newsletter.

Ooty Shopify Demo

Ooty – Organic Tea Store Shopify Theme

4. Milatino – Coffee & Tea and Cake Shopify Theme

There are five demos available that you can choose from which includes one that is inspired by Instagram. Home 5 demo, pictured. Make shopspable Instagram galleries through tagging your products in Instagram by embedding them wherever. It’s a great way to create a Shopify coffee store is ideal when you have a lot of appealing product photos for sharing with the followers.

Milatino Live Demo

Milatino – Coffee & Tea and Cake Shopify Theme

5. Moocha – Tea Shop & Organic Store Responsive Shopify Theme

Fresh air This demo is clean and clear , with plenty of space for gorgeous images of the product. The Home 1 demo, for example, content is arranged in categories like ‘best seller new arrivals’ and ‘best seller’.

It also has a blog section with a professional design to create a more engaging story around your business. As with many of the top Shopify designs for coffee this one is retina-ready, mobile-friendly, and responsive.

Moocha Live Demo


6. Matcha Shopify Theme – Sabujcha

If you’re looking for a high-end minimalist website, then this could be the website for you. It’s got everything you need to sell tea on Shopify It includes numerous images and a ‘latest items’ section, and the option of adding discounts in percentages to images and countdowns to indicate how long your sale will last for. It is easy to include testimonials as well, which is an excellent method to confirm how good your product.

Matcha Live Demo

Matcha Shopify Theme – Sabujcha

7. Drippy – Cake Shop, Ice Cream Store Shopify Theme

Are you impressed by the style of this bakery and Ice cream theme? This is a great idea! This theme is flexible and is easily adaptable to market your tea or coffee. Just add your information and you’re ready to go!

As with many of the top Shopify designs for the coffee industry, it is equipped with a huge menu that will assist users in finding relevant products and an offer counter that shows users how long they have left to take advantage of the best offer.

Drippy Live Demo

Drippy – Cake Shop, Ice Cream Store Shopify Theme

8. KoldBrew – Coffee Shop Shopify Theme

The Shopify cafe is filled with character, featuring an asymmetrical photography style, eye-catching icons and a slick font selection. Of of course, features like those can be altered according to your preferences, however the demo is a great way to see how you can achieve the look through every demonstration.

The footer’s layout is well-designed and contains a lot of essential information like “about us,” opening hours, details of the address as well as a sign-up to the newsletter form.

KoldBrew Live Demo

9. Boom – Single Product Shopify Theme

With more than 70 demos, Boom has plenty of choice and was created to be adaptable based on what product you’re trying sell. With templates that range from lipsticks to sports shoes, take a look at the Coffee Maker homepage to see how the demo could be modified to meet your requirements. A helpful content block can allow to show a huge image of the product that is accompanied by eye-catching features that are pulled out to highlight the reasons why people ought to invest.

Boom Live Demo

Boom – Single Product Shopify Theme

10. Bakins | Shopify Cake Shop, Bakery Theme

Explore a new Shopify Coffee shop design created with lots of applications in your mind! Perhaps you’re thinking of setting up an pizza pizzeria or wedding cake shop food court, patisserie. Bakins theme is sure to have everything you require to make your establishment stand out.

It has a variety of useful features that can help increase sales, including the featured slider of the product and a carousel for products five types of mega menus, as well as an Ajax that lets users purchase products without leaving the page.

Bakins Live Demo

bakins shopify theme

11. Uno Cafe – Coffee Shop Shopify Theme for Barista

As with many of the top Shopify templates for cafes shops, Uno Cafe is customizable and it is easy to modify, add, or remove testimonials logos, products, and testimonials It is also possible to select various layouts that meet your preferences, such as infinite scroll, minimal grid, pagination list or a sidebar.

Uno Cafe Live Demo

Uno Cafe – Coffee Shop Shopify Theme for Barista

12. Despina – Coffee, Cake & Bakery HTML Template

With 35 pages of homepages and homepages which you can discover how this coffee Shopify store will be a reality. It has a Revolution Slider on its homepage, which shows some delicious images or provides information on the latest offers. The site also includes contact forms to help users reach out and blog pages that help share your story and promote your company.

Despina Live Demo

Despina – Coffee, Cake & Bakery HTML Template

13. Greenie – Organic Tea & Coffee Store Shopify Theme

Tea Shopify store offers plenty of room for images to inspire customers to purchase. The products are easy to find and have a helpful rating system that shows potential buyers how pleased previous customers have been in their purchase.

A percentage bar that can be used to categorize flavors. It is a useful method to describe the product more in depth.

Greenie Live Demo

Greenie - Organic Tea & Coffee Store Shopify Theme

14. Organic Food Store Shopify eCommerce Theme – Greenfarm

With 4 homepages, each created with the buyer in mind, you can pick whichever feels right for your shop. Home Page 4, pictured, has been designed to help shoppers find products quickly and easily, products can be categorized easily via a clean and clear navigation bar and deals are listed via a slider.

Quick view means users can skim through plenty of products without having to jump to secondary pages—you can also add to cart without leaving the homepage. 

Organic Food Store Demo

Organic Food Store Shopify eCommerce Theme – Greenfarm

15. Cafesa – Coffee Shops & Cafes Responsive Shopify Theme

In January of this year, Cafesa is a new SEO-friendly coffee Shopify store that aims to convert visitors to customers! The features include a the ability to search for items in a matter of minutes and an integrated Facebook chat feature that allows customers to ask questions regarding products, and an eCommerce wishlist that allows users to save items to be used at a later date.

Cafesa Live Demo

Cafesa - Coffee Shops & Cafés Responsive Shopify Theme

16. Lezada – Fully Customizable Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Last but not the least is this multipurpose theme, which can be customized to suit a variety of products from pets to perfumes! With more than 225 homepages and more than 2000 sales, this is an ideal theme to bookmark in case you’re making websites regularly.

It includes four Coffee Shopify store homepages, including Coffee 4, pictured, with the ability to integrate video on your homepage, a blog section, as well as a huge testimonials slider that displays the positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Lezada Live Demo

Lezada – Fully Customizable Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Now the Fun Begins!

The process of setting up an online store can be an exciting experience as with Shopify templates, you’ll have many opportunities to exercise your creativity! Take a look at the complete collection the ThemeForest and tell us about your top picks with us in the comment section below.



There are many great themes for coffee and tea shops on Shopify. Any of the themes on this list will give your shop a professional and polished look, and help you sell more coffee and tea. So, if you’re looking to start or improve your coffee or tea business, be sure to check out these themes. Thanks for reading!

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