20 Best Selling Premiere Pro Templates you Need in 2021

Every year, the Premiere Pro Templates market is flooded with new templates that come from both freelancers and big-name companies. You might find one that you love, or you might find a new template that will help you complete a project that you’ve been working on. What you need to know is that there are a lot of options, so it’s a good idea to check in with a blog like ours in order to find a list of the best templates in 2019.

There are a lot of great Premiere Pro templates out there, but a lot of them will be overused and outdated shortly after they come out. If you’re looking for something that will still be relevant in a few years, you should try looking into the top-selling templates for Premiere Pro CC.

Every year, people are looking for new ways to express themselves creatively. Whether you are looking for a brand new look for your Instagram feed or just need a new design for your website, you can find it with the help of these 20 Premiere Pro templates.

Best Selling Premiere Pro Templates you Need in 2021

1. 4000+ Premiere Pro Templates & Transitions

Premiere Pro Templates

Get Over 2700 professional seamless transitions to Premiere Pro Templates Transitions Library has more than 2700 ready-to-use presentations that can aid you in making your own unique video with professional quality. Glitch, Panoramic, Roll and Twist Glass, Light Leaks, Offset, Shake, Stretch, Split, Optics, Zoom, and many more. Each category has its own unique elements and gives a distinctive style. Apply a preset in just one mouse click, using the drag-and-drop method. Get Now Here

2. Videolancer’s Transitions for Premiere Pro | Original Seamless Transitions

Premiere Pro Templates

Seamless Transitions was our first product of this kind available on the Envato Market! Over 50,000 people have received these products in After Effects and Premiere Pro! Tens of thousands of filmmakers and videographers, TV broadcasters and bloggers have used it and saved thousands of hours in video production. Best Premiere Pro Templates you can find here.

Our transitions are simple to use. Select the appropriate transition and then add it to your sequence. Each transition we created a prerender that includes previews. This made it easier to select the right transition.

Every &  Each transition also comes with an audio effect that makes your video more spectacular. Every transition is fully optimized for videos with any aspect ratio. This includes IGTV! GET THE PACK

03. Mogrt Titles – 1000 Animated Titles for Premiere Pro & After Effects

Premiere Pro Templates

Get More than 1,000 Animated Premiere Pro Templates & Titles (All are original)

Also Get Support with After Effects as well as Premiere Pro versions.

It comes equipped with both 4K and Full HD resolutions, also you are able to control the Time duration for the video (intro to outro). Video tutorial also included!

You can alter the text color, time duration, and text It is also possible to alter the fonts. GET NOW

04. Transitions and Motion Graphics for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Templates

The pack contains all the essential elements needed for editing video. Titles, Transitions, lower thirds, Premiere Pro Templates, typography scenes Backgrounds Text Animation, Messages and Social Media items Logo Reveals Color Grading Presets for Color Grading, Split Frames, Effects , and Overlays plus more than 400 sound effects.

Motion Graphics Elements Highlights

  • 800+ Titles, Lower Thirds, Typography Scenes, Backgrounds, Logo Reveals, Messages, Text Animation, Social Media elements
  • Font editable along with style
  • up To the resolution of 4K
  • All required control devices (edit to edit them in ” Essential Graphics” or ” Effect Controls” panels)
  • in and out animation
  • Modifiable duration of mogrts (OUT animation always at the close)


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5. All in One Graphics Pack for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Templates

Get the Latest Version of Toko Graphics 4.1 for Premiere Pro + Handy Extension With Unlimited Features

Top Features

  • More than 2250 + Designs Elements Ready To Use Graphics Elements
  • Well Designed Premiere Pro Templates
  • 600 sound FX Included
  • Supported all Resolutions up to 4K.
  • Free Simple Extension
  • No plugins are required
  • Free font download link included.
  • HTML Library Included
  • Works for any language.
  • Links to video tutorials are included.
  • Fast Render
  • Color Control
  • Ideal to use for Social Advertising on Media and Covers for videos!
  • Videos and Pictures are not included.
  • All video tutorials that you will find 
  • Version of After Effects


6. Multi Screen Pack

Premiere Pro Templates

If you are looking Multiscreen Split screen pack Get professionally Designed & create animated layouts. Multi-Screen or Split Screen Templates can be used in many forms; perfect for travel videos, commercials as well as real estate video, wedding movies, music videos cooking, sports commercials, business music videos, and almost everything else!


7. Montage Presets for Premiere Pro | Transitions, Titles, Effects, VHS, LUTs & More

Premiere Pro Templates

Get Unlimited Premiere Pro FX Presets Bundle

Eye-catching effects titles, transitions, glass overlays, LUTs duotones, sound effects and more

FX Presets Pack provides every preset you’ll require for creating a professional video that impresses your audience right from the beginning. Our massive presets bundle with Premiere Pro is jampacked with numerous design elements as well as features and presets, so you can make professional videos in a matter of minutes. GET NOW

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8. RTFX Generator for Premiere Pro [1000 Flash FX elements]

Unlimited Animation Pack (BEST SALE ) RTFX Generator” is a pack of 1000 FX animations that work with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019.1 and subsequent versions.

  • Unlimited templates, with more than 600 customisable FX-animations(for Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019.1 and later versions)
  • Previews gallery
  • Full HD(1920×1080)
  • Video tutorials
  • 60 typographic elements(Mogrt as well as AEP files(using the After Effects ))
  • Matte transitions (using After Effects )
  • Ten tools (using After Effects)
  • 24-30 frames per second
  • 200 Sound FX elements
  • RTFX extension support


9. Create Pack Best Premiere Pro Bundle

Learn more than+3.600 animation elements

Make Pack to Premiere Pro offers the most Amazing ( Premiere Pro CC) Elements Pack in the entire market. There are more than 3600 elements available to use in just one click. In addition, you can make more than 12,000 animated emoticons. Reduce your expenses, everything you require is one application.


10. 710+ Clean Transitions For Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Templates

Amazing Premiere pro Transformations

All Features

  • Drag & Drop Method
  • Render Indicator ( You can find out the Rendering Time of Any Transitions )
  • Compatible with all FPSSound FX IncludedVarious
  • Transition Speed
  • 100% Premiere Pro

Titles and other Elements:

790+ Titles the Social Media industry, Liquid Gradients Mogrt Transitions, Lower ThirdsWorks with Adobe Premiere Pro Version CC18 ( Version 12.1.1 ) and above all items in 4K Resolution.Flexible Font (Starting with Version CC19)HTML Library IncludedWorks with the Essential Graphics Panel Simple to Change Colors Live Preview.


60+ Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits (Free & Pro) 2022

11. Dynamic Slideshow

Premiere Pro Templates

Top Features

  • FULL HD 1920X1080
  • ULTRA HD 3840×2160
  • PP C2021
  • Media-Replacement Feature
  • Frame Rate 29,97 FPS
  • Duration 1:47
  • Font used: Objective


12. Get 700 Film Looks – LUT Color Preset Pack

This stunning pack is designed for all Film Creators video & Photo Editors who wish to achieve stunning results with their presets. You can create professional-looking video and edit it the most simple and fast method possible. You can add a stunning effect to your videos in order to attract interest of the viewers.

All color filters are designed by skilled and experienced filmmakers, so the output is professional and of high-quality. These color presets are created for the popular cameras used by filmmakers these days. This pack is sure to enhance your experience with color grading more enjoyable and enjoyable.

The pack is suitable to shoot outdoor and indoor videos weddings, music videos, weddings fashion, portraits commercials, landscapes lifestyle, etc. Be aware that this color correction tool works with any software that supports.


13. LUTs Color Presets Pack | Cinematic Looks – Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Templates

LUTs Color Presets Cinematic Looks in Premiere Pro Create the smallest amount of work required while significantly improving the final look of your film.

  • 1300 Cinematic appearances
  • 13 Categories
  • Very simple to utilize
  • No plugins required
  • Fast render time
  • Any size resolution
  • It is compatible With for Premiere Pro CC 2017 and above
  • 7 days a week.prfpset files
  • Well-organized Files


14. Event Promo for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Templates

Get Mazing Event Promo for Adobe Premier Pro

Feature Included

  • Premiere Pro CC 2018 and up
  • Adobe After Effects must be installed. It’s only needed to place footages on placeholders. The rest of the work can be handled within Premiere Pro using Essential Graphics panel!
  • Change fonts in Premiere Pro (in CC version 2019)
  • Control of colors (every aspect)
  • Universal Expressions (works with any AE language)
  • No third party plugins are required.
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Tutorial included


15. Best Countdown Timers

Premiere Pro Templates

Timers for Countdown can be used to create trailers, presentations and music videos, promotional videos, amazing content for your social media accounts, and more. It is easy to use. Simply drag it in your project and then set the time. You can alter any timer by altering the size, size, color, and position and background and more.


  • 50 Timers for Countdowns
  • It is easy to modify
  • Time Stopwatch
  • No plugins required
  • Very well organized project
  • HTML Catalogue
  • Premiere Pro 2021 and later
  • Fast and Friendly Support
  • Universalized (works in any language)
  • Free font link inside
  • Easy color change


16. All in One Youtube Bundle | Premiere Pro & After Effects

Premiere Pro Templates

If you’re looking to create content that tells the whole story about your channel, this is the package you’ll require! More than 1000 templates from the Neue, Influence, Digital and Buzzz packs are now updated with fresh graphic solutions, which you should not overlook.

What’s in the YouTube Bundle? After Effects and Premiere Pro simultaneously eight projects in one pack for YouTube content creators. It is divided into 16 categories to provide the most accessibility: Openingers and intros as well as subscribes, lower-thirds titles, infobars, titles the next episode, transitions, backgrounds, color luts and other elements, such as .psd Layouts to help you with your channel’s branding.


17. Torn Paper Transitions

Premiere Pro Templates

That’s the way to get your video to make an impression! The inspiration came from photos collages to make these transitions.


  • 1.Drag and Drop
  • 2.30 torn Paper Transitions
  • 3.Unique sound effects for every transition
  • 4.Documents for Projects 3840×2160 and 1920×1080 resolution.


18. YouTube Like Subscribe and Bell Animated Video Overlay

Premiere Pro Templates

Do you have a YouTube channel? Then this YouTube Like Subscribe as well as Bell Animated Video Overlay templates are required to you. Your users will not forget to subscribe , and with a the reminders that are sent out that they’ll be aware of the new videos available. We also added Social Media Lower Thirds and Youtube End Cards (start on 2:21 second of preview).

The only thing you have to do to begin is Drag and Drop any of these overlays on top of the video layer.


25+ Professional Lightroom Presets

19. Photo Slideshow

Premiere Pro Templates

Image Slideshow Motion Graphics Template

Photo Slideshow It is a design concept. Bohemian color Grading, romantic typography smooth camera animations, numerous photo compositions, and elegant movie burns… It is my intention to combine them into one design so that you can create slideshows and videos of good quality. want.

We enjoy the use of this template in my wedding, memories events, special occasions birthdays, and Valentine’s Day works. It captures the atmosphere that is the current design trend regarding these topics. Hope you like it. Enjoy!


20. Simple Infographics I MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Templates
If you’re looking for a fashionable way to present your information? You’ve come to the right spot.
Simple Infographics includes a quickly customizable and user-friendly .mogrt documents that include pre-designed animation-based pie Charts, Horizontal & Vertical Charts and Minimal Horizontal and Vertical chats and Pie Charts with Social Icons Call Outs, Timelines Text Blocks and Lower Thirds, as well as an social media Icons Package that can be 4k in resolution.

You can easily customize your infographic charts by using the full control panel for expressions. Select your preferred color, set-up total, intro and outro duration and opacity, as well as size and then set up the data in only a few clicks.


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