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10 Best Note Taking Apps in 2022. The best note taking app for students in 2022 is likely to be something that helps you organize and store your notes. This could include anything from an app that lets you create templates to help with organization, to one that keeps track of your favorite quotes. Whatever the app, make sure it is easy to use and offers a variety of features to suit your needs.

In 2022, students will be using the best note taking app to take Notes and make Notes! There are many different note taking apps out there, but we recommend the one below. It is easy to use, has great features, and can help you take Notes with ease.

There are many note taking apps out there, but the 10 best in 2022 will be the ones that make the most difference for students. Whether you’re a student or someone who just wants to be more organized, one of these apps is sure to help you stay on track.

  1. Microsoft OneNote: Save Notes
  2. Evernote – Note Organizer
  3. Google Keep – Notes and Lists
  4. Take Notes, Markup PDFs : Squid
  5. Simplenote
  6. BlackNote Notepad Notes
  7. WeNote: Notes Notebook Notepad
  8. Samsung Notes
  9. UpNote – notes, diary, journal
  10. Mind Notes: Notebook Note Memo

There are many great note taking apps available in the market these days, and there are a few that stand out from the rest. Here is a list of the ten best note taking apps in 2022: 1. Evernote 2. OneNote 3. Google Keep 4. Trump Notes 5. Lastpass 6. Pocket Casts 7. BearShare 8. Camino 9. Moonrise 10.

In 2022, there are likely to be several very good note taking apps available on the market. These apps will provide an easy and efficient way for users to keep track of their notes and other tasks while they are away from their devices. Some of the best note taking apps in 2022 include Hootsuite, Evernote, and OneNote.

Lets See Top 10 Best Note Taking App in 2022

Microsoft OneNote: Save Notes

With Microsoft OneNote App, you can organize your big event, catch the moment of inspiration to think of something new and keep track of your list of tasks which are too important to leave out. Make notes, create memos , and create a virtual sketchbook using your phone. Also consider one of the best note taking app for ipad, Snap photos and add images in your notebooks. You can Keep track of your thoughts as well as your discoveries and help you plan the most important moments in your daily life by using your electronic notepad. Keep notes on your smartphone and connect them to all your devices using Microsoft OneNote.

Evernote – Note Organizer

Evernote can be described as an entirely different beast from OneNote. It offers the same functionality, it is not as basic – the capability to create, organize and sync notes across a variety of platforms that include Windows PCsand Macs as well as iPhones and iPads Windows Phones, Android devices, and the internet -it’s as if it wasn’t created to create notes on its own, but rather to extract information from the internet. Evernote is a mazing note taking app for android.

The layout and features of the application are the same across all platforms. The left side of the screen is utilized to navigate; click or tap Notebooks for a the list of all your notebooks. Then, you can tap or click on any individual notebook to display the notes of all notebooks in an easily scrollable list. If you’d like using the option of all Notes on the upper right-hand side of your screen to view all your notes in an easily scrollable list regardless of which notebook where they’re placed. To search easily you can include tags to every note you make or record it. The main navigation lets you browse your notes by tags.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Capture your thoughts and have it re-memorized in the appropriate moment or at the right time. Make a voice note in the field and it will automatically be transcribed. Snap a picture of a receipt, poster or other type of document and organize it or locate it later on in Google search. Google Keep allows you to record a thought or list for yourself and then share it with your family and friends. Note down what’s on your brain Notes, lists, and pictures in Google Keep. Are you stuck for time? Make a voice note and Keep will transcribing it to make it easy to find later. Share ideas with your friends and relatives.

Take Notes, Markup PDFs : Squid

Squid is a vector-based tool – making your notes look stunning in any level of zoom, and across any device. You can erase whole words and letters in a snap using stroke eraser tools or only parts of words using the actual eraser tool. The tool for selection allows you to alter the thickness and color of your handwriting, and also change the size of your drawing at any time you’d like, without any loss in quality.

Squid makes use of active pens that work on powerful devices to give genuine writing that is pressure sensitive. Simply write using the pen and erase it with your fingers!


Simplenote is a simple way to keep notes, create to-do lists, write down ideas, and much more. Start it up, jot down your thoughts, and then you’re finished. As your notes accumulate organize it with pins and tags and search for the information you require with a quick search. Because Simplenote can sync across all your devices at no cost you can keep your notes always with you.

  • Note taking experience
  • Connect everything to all of your devices
  • Collaborate and share
  • tay organized by using tags

BlackNote Notepad Notes

Blacknote is easy, straightforward, and has very few advertisements, aside from a small strip that appears at on the right side of the screen. It can be used as notespad or checklist. It would be helpful to start the application and it showed you an overview of the To Do list first, instead of random notes you’ve taken. I understand why it’s like however, some options could be more appealing.

WeNote: Notes Notebook Notepad

WeNote Notes Notebook Notepad is a basic and amazing note-taking app. It lets you create colorful notes, to-do checklists, lists of shopping reminders, and calendars in a snap.
People are in love with WeNote(r) as a life organizer, planner for work, or study application. Note-taking with WeNote(r) is much easier than other notepads, memo application.

If you record notes email addresses, phone numbers, emails cooking recipes, messages diary, journal shopping lists, and a list of things to do you’ll realize that it is a great note taking application. WeNote is a notepad that is ad-free. The absence of ads gives you the most enjoyable notes-taking experience.

Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes is wonderful note taking apps you can make notes with text and images, along with footnotes, music, and voice recordings. Additionally, you can send your notes with ease to SNS.Previously you’ve created memos in S Note or Memo also are able to be transferred to Samsung Notes.
Samsung Notes provides various brush kinds and color mixers to allow you to draw stunning artworks just like professional artists.
You can also post your work on PEN.UP as soon as you can.
Samsung Notes is a hub to store all your notes, handwritten sketches, notes, and drawings. Best note taking app for free.

UpNote – notes, diary, journal

UpNote is a beautiful and powerful note-taking app that is compatible with all platforms like iOS, Mac, Windows and Android. UpNote was designed specifically to let users take notes quickly and remain focused on what is most important to you.
UpNote offers beautiful fonts and beautiful designs that are easy to alter to make writing more comfortable and pleasant.You can get lost in writing using focus mode. The layout is simple and minimalist, which allows you to remain free of distractions. You can also turn on typewriter mode so that you can concentrate on writing.

UpNote is a great space to keep your journal and diary. It is equipped with a strong locking feature, so you can be sure that your notes remain safe and private.

Mind Notes: Notebook Note Memo

Mind Notes Mind Notes – Memo Pad Notebooks Simplenote as well as Free Note Pad is a reliable and easy note taking app. With this free notepad and stick notes application you can make categories and use the color note widgets to manage your note book. In addition, adding images, audios, or drawings to quick notes is also available. Mindnotes can be a free digital notebook that is free and a great notes app for organizing your life, work and studying.

In conclusion, these are the best note taking app for students in 2022 All of the apps provides a great user experience and is perfect for those who need to take quick notes while studying. It is also available on both Apple and Android devices, so there is no problem finding it wherever you need it.

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