6 Top CRM Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Are you running an online business and do not have an integrated CRM plugin for the WordPress website? Find out the 6 options to increase the effectiveness of your business.

Operating your business on a WordPress website isn’t easy. The daily technical problems you will deal with are daunting and get more difficult as your business begins to expand. To handle the majority of these issues and to provide the most efficient service for your clients, you require an effective CRM.

However, CRM must be integrated with other systems. There’s a ton of information involved in creating and responding to leads from customers So you’ll want your experience to be as smooth as it can be.

What is the best way to manage the information? Excel sheets can be helpful however they start showing their limitations once all data needs to be manually maintained and the volume keeps growing every day.

There’s a great chance to find an automated solution for these and other issues that your company faces when it comes to managing customer relationships and data management.

It’s an CRM.

Here’s a list of the top 6 WordPress CRM plugins we’ve compiled to aid you in growing and managing your business in just a only a few clicks:

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is among the used plugin developers utilize to integrate forms into their site.

They require little effort to develop and can aid in obtaining the information from your clients that you need to enhance your business and serve your customers better.

The information collected through these forms is vital for the business, and therefore must be kept somewhere that is organized and easy to access for business. This process is executed by Salesforce CRM which was one of the very first plugins to offer the cloud-based WordPress CRM service.

This plugin can connect your Gravity Forms to Salesforce CRM.

The plugin provides the most effective option for connecting Gravity Forms to Salesforce CRM. This, along with fast and thorough customer support makes this plugin distinct from other solutions.

Bitrix24 Integration of CRM with Contact Form 7 is another alternative to gather forms from your customers. If you own an enterprise, particularly one that operates online through your website, you’ll have to gather customer feedback via Contact Form 7.


Contact Form 7 Bitrix24

The plugin is simple to install, provides service support for two hours of sending your query and is frequently updated. It is possible to test the plugin with its demo version for free to test if it’s working for you. This plugin lets you connect various forms to the WordPress CRM.

The plugin, similar to Gravity Forms, take the data from the frontend and keep it in an offer, lead, or contact.

Another option to consider is adding an action scheduler in the Contact Form 7 Bitrix24 CRM plugin, allowing you to import the data to CRM without an interval. If you do not have an action scheduler, the data would be instantly updated.

With the CodeCanyon Contact Form 7 Zoho CRM Integration plugin, you’ll be able to transfer your information from CF7 directly to Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM.

Zoho Contact Form 7

The plugin functions similarly with the Contact Form 7 Bitrix24 CRM Integration plugin. It will however be connecting your forms with the Zoho CRM. The functionality and effectiveness of the plugin is mostly the same.

The information that is collected from the Contact Form 7 will be stored and is categorized by the CRM system as a lead or contact. The forms can be connected with your Zoho CRM with this plugin. This plugin provides the highest support for customers and, without it, it’s very easy to integrate it into any WordPress website.

WooCommerce Bitrix24 CRM Integration

You run your business on a WordPress website? Do you mean that you are operating an eCommerce business? If yes, then WooCommerce is the top tool to create online stores that are scalable, regardless of the product you sell.

One of the biggest issues that business owners and developers must face in the field of eCommerce is handling orders. It is whether it is keeping an eye on the various orders your customers receive from you, and all the details associated with those orders , or keeping track of the status of each order you get from clients, eCommerce is a hassle. But in the final analysis, the success of your business depends on how pleased your customers are.

In terms of managing information, Bitrix24 CRM gets your job done. This plugin lets you join your WooCommerce website to Bitrix24 CRM. It is necessary to install at least WooCommerce version 3.5 in order for the integration to function flawlessly.

Once it is connected the plugin will allow you to transfer orders directly through your website directly to the WordPress CRM. It keeps an eye on all orders as well as their status and keep your CRM current with all the relevant details.

It is also possible to customize it to make changes to the information on your Bitrix24 CRM when you click the check out button hit or have the data added later. If you wish to transfer the items into your CRM system in large quantity then you can do this also using WooCommerce’s WooCommerce Bitrix24 Integration plugin for CRM.

amoCRM Integration to the WooCommerce website is an excellent option for those who are serious about making your customers happy . is also social media-friendly.

amoCRM Integration assists you in keeping track of your orders, creating leads through messages and automating your sales processes.

WooCommerce amoCRM

amoCRM can be used by small to medium-sized enterprises however, Bitrix24 CRM is used by large-scale businesses of a medium size. In contrast to Bitrix24 CRM, amoCRM does not offer the option of a free version.

One of the main differences among Bitrix24 CRM Integration and amoCRM Integration is that the former can be used for keeping information about vendors in addition to the former isn’t.

Integrating the Hubspot CRM plugin to WordPress Integrating the Hubspot WordPress CRM pluginis the best thing you can do to improve your business. From managing your data to sending emails and maintaining a perfect connection with your customers and your clients Hubspot is everything covered.

Hubspot WordPress CRM

One of the most difficult aspects in running an enterprise is managing data as well as organizing it. Hubspot offers a separate panel to organize and list your leads, contacts deals, leads, and all companies you have contact with. In order to improve it the data you save can be later filtered in various ways to allow you to locate a specific record.

Hubspot also stops duplication of information when you create the entry of a new contact. It’ll look through all available information in the database, and should the contact already recorded in the database it’ll notify you.

Data management is not the only thing that can be accomplished by Hubspot. It also functions as a project management tool. It are able to assign tasks and tasks to team members each on their own, and it’ll send you an email to send reminders when any change is added for the job.

In order to reach out to your clients and customers, Hubspot has made the process of emailing much more simple. It lets you integrate information directly into your emails through your CRM databases.

Final thing….

CRMs are an integral component of every business and are an essential tool to help businesses grow and flourish. Although CRMs are still able to automate business processes and help make life easier but they do have their limits, which is why there are plugins that are less powerful like Contact Form 7 which can be integrated with CRMs to boost efficiency for businesses.

First of all choose a CRM system that best suits your company’s needs. Next, install additional plugins you require to enhance your relationships with your clients and your audience. Make sure to check out the CodeCanyon website. Other than the ones listed within this post, the site also has amazing plugins and is an all-in-one-stop solution for all your WordPress requirements.


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